It boosts kids’ abilities in their native language

  • Years ago people believed that learning a second language would confuse a child. Now, research shows they perform better in their native language than non-bilingual students, as measured on standardized tests. Studies are suggesting overall, robust understanding of 2 languages also causes bilinguals to have a greater vocabulary and cross referential understanding of language in general; bilinguals start reading earlier, and the advantage increases the earlier they are exposed to the second language. In addition, bilingual children were better at
    identifying grammatically incorrect sentences than monolinguals.

Nurture Their Curiosity, Cultural Sensitivity, Empathy, and Tolerance

  • Children who are exposed to other languages display more positive attitudes to the cultures associated with those languages. The experience of learning a language introduces them to the world in ways they might otherwise have not experienced.

It’s fun, it promotes healthy development, and the many cognitive and social benefits will last a lifetime.

Here are some of the reasons why learning a language puts your child at a significant advantage, how you can help—whether or not you know
another language.

private sessions for kids


Spanish Maven is teaching private sessions for kids; starting on the second week of September, Spanish Maven is also going to be offering a group class for Kids!

The first class is a trial class involving kids and parents, participating together in the class, so that they can have a general idea of how the class will be.

The group class will be every Monday and Wednesday from 4 P.M. to 5 P.M.

Each class will be 50 minutes

What are the Benefits of learning a second language as a child? And why is it never too early to begin learning a language?

It grows kids’ brains

  • Studies have shown that people who are bilingualare better at tasks that require multi-tasking and attention focusing than monolinguals. The hypothesis is that the effort to constantly choose the right language at the right time provides a “mental gymnastics” for bilinguals which gives them extra practice in focusing their attention. This "bilingual advantage" is believed to come about because of bilinguals' use and management of two spoken languages.

It’s easier to acquire foreign languages as a child

  • We’ve all heard babies described as “sponges” for learning language. Research shows that there is “critical period” for language acquisition, when your brain is primed to learn. Post-puberty, our aptitude for second language acquisition is reduced.

It boosts test scores in core subjects

  • Studies of tens of thousands of high school students have found that students who have studied foreign languages perform better on the American College Test (ACT) for English and Mathematics. Additional studies have found that SAT-verbal scores improve with the length of time students have studied the foreign language

Make up Session on Friday after 3 P.M.

Classes will be based on student’s level and age.

1 month advance payment with 15 day cancellation notice.

Preparation and Expansion

  • Don’t Hesitate: go for two… or three languages

  • The introduction of multiple languages at the same time; not only do bilinguals naturally navigate multilingual environments, but acquiring a second language early in life primes the brain to learn multiple other languages, opening a world of opportunities for later on.

Both Professor and Assistant will be present at each class

An optional, secondary overflow class will be held Tuesday/Thursday from 4-5 if attendance is high.

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