What is the turnaround time for translations? 

  • In order to give you an accurate estimate, we need to first evaluate the nuances and complexity of your text. Please give us up to 2 hours to evaluate your document, at which point we will contact you with a quote and turnaround time.

Do you translate differently depending on the audience?

  • Yes. We take into account the many variations of the Spanish language to ensure that your text is culturally accurate. This individualized process means that we consider all aspects of your document including regional dialects, the discipline or field you are working within, and which Spanish-speaking country your text is addressed to.

How do you charge for translations – per word, per page, per assignment?  

  • We charge per page. We will provide you with a quote once we evaluate your document

What are the payment methods you accept? 

  • All major credit cards, Paypal, Venmo, regular bank transfers, checks.


Understanding purchase orders and invoicing is crucial for a smooth transaction. We translate: contracts, purchase orders, invoices and other documents needed to complete the sales. With our background in technical accounting, we have the terminology at our fingertips.


As your global footprint expands, so does your need to express in-language. Our extensive background in finance allows us to have fluency in financial terminology. From invoices, contracts, marketing and other industry related materials, we provide high quality, accurate contextual translations.


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Our approach to translations is to understand the audience and content sentiment so that we identify the right language choice. Spanish Maven Translations evoke cultural nuances. This is what we call Trancreations. 

We have expertise in the following areas:


As you enter new markets, connect with your audience in-culture. Be global, speak local. Our services span across marketing channels – packaging, advertising, point of sale, branding, etc. We also partner with you to effectively bring on board your new staff with the necessary legal, human resource and financial statements required to enter the marketplace.​

Legal and Government

When it comes to domestic and international government content, it is essential to convey  legal wording effectively. We have expertise in translating corporate contracts across Latin America. Therefore, we know the legal and linguistic nuances required to deliver accurate legal documentation.